Wuhan and Seoul Commerce Department Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

 On August 25, the 2009 China Hanzheng Street Fashion Industry Summit was held in Yunshan Wuhan International Fashion Center. Officials of Wuhan and Seoul municipalities, leading leaders of the National Association of Fashion Designers of China and Korea, top fashion designers of China and Korea, well-known entrepreneurs and experts and scholars gathered in Wuhan to offer suggestions for the development of Hanzheng Street and Wuhan fashion industry.

During the Summit, the Memorandum of Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation between Wuhan Business Bureau and Seoul Special City Industrial Agglomeration and Development Bureau of Korea was signed. With Hanzheng Street as the center, the new territory of foreign work was expanded and a bridge was built for the future exchanges and cooperation between China and Korea in fashion industry.

Song Haozai, director of the Seoul Special Municipal Government's Urban Industrial Agglomeration Development Promotion Bureau, said in his speech that he hoped to take this visit to Wuhan as an opportunity to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Wuhan in the future. In order to promote the development of fashion industry, Seoul has held many activities, but the development of fashion industry can not only build cars behind closed doors, but also need to join hands with more fashion cities around the world, exchange and cooperation, and learn from each other. Song Haozai said that it was a very valuable opportunity to establish cooperative relations with Wuhan, located in the heart of central China.

In line with the principle of "mutual respect, fairness and mutual benefit, flexibility and pragmatism, and consensus", after equal and friendly consultation, China Fashion Designers Association, Yunshan Industrial Development Group and Korea Fashion Designers Association decided to exchange and cooperate in the relevant fields of fashion industry, and signed "Promoting Fashion Products of Chinese and Korean Designers". Framework Agreement on Industrial Exchange and Cooperation.

The agreement decides to share fashion resources and information among the three parties; to support the growth, employment, entrepreneurship and overseas development of fashion talents; to support the promotion, marketing and promotion of fashion designers; to run fashion designers exchange projects such as China-Korea fashion show, designer competition, buyer docking meeting, peak forum, etc. Yunshan Wuhan International Fashion Center, as a commercial landing agency, promotes friendly exchanges and sustainable development of the three fashion and fashion industries, as well as the exchange of talents in the fashion industry.

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