Wuhan issues the world's first commercial license for self-driving vehicles

 133 years after the birth of the world's first car, on September 22, 2019, the National Intelligent Network United Automobile (Wuhan) Test Demonstration Zone unveiled a road transport license for the first time in the world.

On the same day, Wuhan Transportation Bureau issued road transport licenses to seven intelligent network union vehicles of Baidu, Hailiang Science and Technology and Shenlan Science and Technology. Different from the test licences issued by some places before, with the road transport license of Intelligent Network United Automobile, manned test can be carried out not only on the road of the test demonstration area of Intelligent Eco-City in Wuhan Development Zone, but also on the road of commercial operation.

Wuhan, known as "Chedu", has been ranked as the largest pillar industry of Wuhan's economy for nine consecutive years. Among them, Wuhan's automobile output in 2018 was 1.7 million vehicles, and the output value of automobile and parts industry reached 400 billion yuan.
Recently, the Outline of Building a Traffic Powerful Country issued by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council made it clear that the research and development of Intelligent Network Associated Vehicles (Intelligent Vehicles, Auto Driving, Vehicle-Road Coordination) should be strengthened to form an independent, controllable and complete industrial chain.

Wuhan's first commercial license for self-driving vehicles in the world means that driverless vehicles are a step closer to reality. More than 40 domestic and foreign automobile enterprises have entered the National Intelligent Network Union Automobile (Wuhan) test demonstration area. The first phase of the demonstration area is 28 kilometers long. Every two to three hundred meters, a traffic monitoring pole is equipped with various equipment. The vehicle can be monitored by camera and radar in real time.

Ren Dakai, general manager of Innovation Department of CITIC, commented that the technology used in the demonstration area is the most advanced at present. The 5G and Beidou high-precision positioning system is the first large-scale application in China, which can achieve millisecond-level delay and centimeter-level positioning. On the same day, 44-year-old bus driver Chen Juanxiong participated in the test as a safety guard. "Driving roads are open, and in case of emergencies, automatic driving can be changed to manual driving at any time," he said.
"The 28 km road in the demonstration area has the conditions of vehicle-road coordinated test. The comprehensive test of multi-brand, multi-model and multi-main-body automobile has begun, which is the first in China and the first in the world." Zhou Ji, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said.

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