China Germany International Industrial Park Settled in Caidian, Wuhan

 When German Chancellor Merkel visited Wuhan in September this year, Germany and Wuhan discussed the construction of Sino German International Industrial Park in Wuhan. On November 7, the Symposium of famous enterprises in Wuhan and Germany was held during the second China Germany International Expo. It was determined that Wuhan would build Wuhan China German

Wuhan Sino German international industrial park is located in Caidian Economic Development Zone, focusing on new energy vehicles, intelligent Internet connected vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information technology, modern logistics and other industries. It is planned to introduce a group of German high-quality enterprises to gather here, build an advanced manufacturing cluster integrating research and development, design, production and service, and strive to build a Sino German economic and trade cooperation and exchange zone Important exhibition window, international advanced equipment manufacturing development demonstration area.

Caidian District introduced that new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles strive to introduce leading enterprises in the field of new energy vehicle R & D, production, new energy vehicle motor, electric control, power system and other key parts from Germany, and actively introduce automobile intelligent connected equipment manufacturing and application software R & D enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing will actively introduce German high-end CNC machine tools, core enterprises of industrial robot production assembly and supporting enterprises of parts and precision mold manufacturing. Electronic information technology will actively participate in cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, and invite German artificial intelligence research institutions and enterprises to set up branches. Take advantage of the market opportunities brought by 5g business, actively explore cooperation with German enterprises in the digital economy. We will jointly build a research and development platform for China Germany digital economy and hold an Enterprise Summit Forum in due time.

Wuhan attaches great importance to the construction of Wuhan Sino German international industrial park. The city and district are studying and formulating special preferential support policies to support the development of Wuhan Sino German International Industrial Park, giving full support to the settled key industrial projects, and striving to create an "open highland" for the construction of German funded enterprise projects.

Caidian District said that the German funded Webasto project will be completed from the start to the completion and operation in less than one year. Caidian District will create the best business environment and promote the construction of the park.
Caidian District will give priority to building a German enterprise home and high-grade German SME incubator serving German enterprises and talents with German design concept and German brand related building materials.

Wuhan Sino German international industrial park has formulated a three-year action plan, launched Sino German industrial park planning and infrastructure construction from 2019 to 2020, and determined the first batch of settled enterprises in Germany. In 2020-2021, China Germany industrial development fund will be jointly established; relevant public service platforms, especially the home of Chinese and German enterprises, will be basically built to promote German manufacturing enterprises to settle in. From 2021 to 2022, the infrastructure construction of Wuhan Sino German Industrial Park was basically completed, and the home of Chinese and German enterprises was put into operation, and then German manufacturing enterprises were promoted to settle in.

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