Wuhan layout China Japan Industrial Park

 Wuhan City said at the conference of famous enterprises in Wuhan and Japan held on November 6 that it will build a Sino Japanese Industrial Park with a planning area of about 20 square kilometers in Huangpi District, with intelligent manufacturing as the leading role and high-end services as the support, and strive to become the "Wuhan mode, world model" of international industrial cooperation Park and the new economic growth point of our province.

The park is located in serving the overall situation of the country, as an important bearing area of the international economic strategy, and actively responds to the "one belt and one road" initiative to build a high level "two-way" development and efficient allocation of resources "international gateway".
According to the introduction, the industrial park will follow the spatial layout of "two wings" and "five groups", take the ecological green corridor of Han Shi expressway as the axis, build "Sino Japanese trade demonstration zone" in the South and "international intelligent manufacturing innovation zone" in the north.

The planning area of smart logistics industry cluster is 5 square kilometers, including bonded logistics, smart logistics, supply chain management and other industries; the planning area of information service industry cluster is 3 square kilometers, focusing on software outsourcing and offshore outsourcing services, to build an information service outsourcing base in the central region;

The planning area of financial, cultural and creative industry group is 3 square kilometers, and it plans to introduce industries such as Bank of Japan, securities, clothing design, publishing, etc.; the planning area of aviation manufacturing industry group is 4 square kilometers, focusing on the development of aviation manufacturing, intelligent software, and new material industries;

The planning area of the intelligent equipment industry group is 4 square kilometers, mainly introducing emerging industries such as intelligent robots, 3D printing equipment, intelligent instruments and instruments.

Japan is the second largest trading partner and the second largest source of foreign investment in Wuhan. At present, Japan has invested 9.08 billion US dollars in China and 291 enterprises in China and Japan. Wuhan said it will take the opportunity of China Japan Industrial Park to compose a new chapter of cooperation between Wuhan and Japan and promote a new round of high-level open cooperation.

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