Wuhan Language and Culture

 Wuhan dialect belongs to the northern dialect system, but it is closer to the dialects of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Hunan and Guangxi in Southwest China. As far as the interior of Wuhan dialect is concerned, Hankou dialect is famous for its prominent position in history and is called "Hankou dialect".


Wuhan is located in the Chu cultural circle. Chu culture is a regional culture created by the ancient Chu people in Chu area, which includes bronze smelting technology, silk weaving technology, embroidery, literature, art, music and dance, etc.
Chu culture belongs to the southern branch of Chinese civilization, and is one of the components of the Yangtze River culture, which is with the Yellow River culture and shines brightly.
The local operas such as Han Opera and Chu Opera, and the opera categories such as Hubei Book Review, Hubei Dagu, Hubei Xiaoqu, and Yugu are the most influential ones.

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