hubei drum

 The original name of Hubei drum is "drum book", also known as "drum storytelling" and "drum Beijing tune", etc. It is a traditional rap art popular in Xiaogan, Huanggang and Wuhan. In 1950, the name of the Great Drum in Hubei Province was named, and it was widely circulated in Hubei Province.

On June 7, 2008, the "Hubei Drum" jointly declared by Wuhan City and Tuanfeng County of Hubei Province was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.
The basic melody of Hubei drum is "Four Flat Tunes". Its mode, pattern, melody and structure all embody the style of Hubei folk music, and most of them are monotonous.
Performance characteristics:
Hubei drum has a complete set of performing skills, mainly using techniques, eye, body and footwork to form a flexible and integrated artistic performance style.
Can convey thoughts and feelings, sometimes have a more vivid expression ability than language, such as waving to send people, waving to send people, referring to the forehead to think, cross-fist to express determination, thumb to praise heroes, little finger to despise incompetence, long-term vision hand to put up the "awning", whisper to cover their mouths and so on.
For the window of the soul, it can convey the inner feelings, such as frowning, staring, thinking, doubting, facing up, despising, squinting, glaring, angry eyes, etc. Eye and facial muscles cooperate to convey joy, anger and sorrow. It can also indicate high, low, far, near, bright, dark, long, short, dangerous and safe, so as to achieve self-evident artistic effect.
Body movements:
It can be used to distinguish sex from age, strength and weakness, male upright, girl's lower part slightly distorted, the old clever, the young, strong and strong chest, weak shoulders, looking up at the distance, looking down at the slight. All of them are manifested by body method.
On stage, actors pay attention to the size of their footsteps, and express different characters and behaviors by changing the size of their footsteps, such as heroes striding forward, women with smooth steps, scholar with gentle steps, drunken people staggering, walking, riding, boating, climbing and so on.
Hubei drum artists are good at playing different roles by themselves. When men and women are young and old, they can act as loyal, treacherous and cunning, and they can also act as village leaders. When playing a character, we pay special attention to the word "twist", that is, jump from one character to another suddenly, and be good at timely "twist" the thought, emotion and stage form of the character being performed to show another character in an instant.
Even if there is a stage, there is usually no setting for the Hubei drum. The actor enters the story environment by imagination. The artist makes the audience feel "taking the empty as the real" through the virtual action. Artists are good at using the double functions of cloud, drum and drum stick: they are not only accompaniment instruments, but also important props.

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