East Lake Ocean World


Wuhan East Lake Sea World is located in the famous National 5A Scenic Spot Wuhan East Lake. With a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters, it displays more than 10,000 kinds of rare marine fish. The entire pavilion consists of nine exhibition areas - Tropical Rainforest Pavilion, Undersea Tunnel, Marine Life Museum, Dream Jellyfish Pavilion, Ocean Theater, Science 3D Pavilion, and Specimen Museum.


Entering the East Lake Ocean World, you can have a friendly dialogue with thousands of marine life and watch the top dream jellyfish museum in China. Enjoy the mystery of the Amazon's pristine rainforest, the deep blur of the underwater landscape, the humorous humor of the sea beasts, the thrill of the sharks, and the mermaid performances. The East Lake Ocean World has become a good place for tourists to travel and learn about the ocean, the ocean of understanding, the ocean and the ocean, and the classrooms and classrooms that protect the oceans. It plays an important role in awakening the awareness of the whole people and further popularizing marine knowledge.


Wuhan Donghu Sea World is a combination of ornamental, amusic, fun and intellectual. It has been recognized as a “science education base” by the relevant departments of the state, the province and the city. It is the most characteristic and domestic first-class large-scale dynamic marine world.






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