Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower


It stands on the Yellow Crane Tower in Wushan, Wuchang, and enjoys the reputation of “the world's most beautiful scenery”. It is also known as “the three famous buildings in Jiangnan” with Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi. The Yellow Crane Tower was built in the second year of Wu Huangwu (AD 223) during the Three Kingdoms Period. It is said that it was built for military purposes. Sun Quan’s realization of “governing the country with the rule of Wu” (the name of “Wuchang” originated here) Building a building to look at. In the Tang Dynasty, its military nature gradually evolved into a famous scenic spot. The literati and literati of the past dynasties visited this place, leaving behind many popular poems. The poet of the Tang Dynasty, Cui Wei, said, "The old man has been to the Yellow Crane. The Yellow Crane Tower is empty here. The Yellow Crane is gone forever. The clouds are empty and empty. Qingchuan has a history of Hanyang Tree, Fangcao and Parrot Island. Where is it, the Yanbo River is awkward." It has become a swan song of the ages, making the Yellow Crane Tower famous.

  In the first year of Tang Yongtai (AD 765), the Yellow Crane Tower has already taken shape, which has made many Jiang Xia celebrities "sweeping, and the feast must be." However, the fire is frequent, and the Yellow Crane Tower has been repeatedly built. The last "Qinglou" was built in the 7th year of Tongzhi (AD 1868), destroyed in the Guangxu ten years (AD 1884), and has not been rebuilt since nearly a hundred years.


In October 1981, the Yellow Crane Tower rebuilt project broke ground and was completed in June 1985. The main building is based on Qing Tongzhi Building, but it is taller and majestic. Construction using modern building technology, reinforced concrete frame wood-like structure. The 5th floor of the flying raft, the top of the spire, the golden glazed tile roof, the height is 51.4 meters, the bottom side is 30 meters wide, and the top side is 18 meters wide. The whole floor is decorated with large murals, couplets and cultural relics. A number of auxiliary buildings, such as bronze and yellow cranes, sculptures, pagodas, arches, pavilions, etc., will make the main building more magnificent. As far as the building is concerned, "there is a great eye to the sky," and the Yangtze River is not rolling. The scenery of the three towns is unobstructed.


Since the establishment of the Yellow Crane Tower, the various directions have been different, but they all look tall and ancient, and they are very individual. Compared with Yueyang Tower and Tengwang Pavilion, the plane design of the Yellow Crane Tower is a four-sided octagon, which is called “all directions”. These figures reveal the symbolic and ethical ideographic functions of the ancient architectural culture. Seen from the longitudinal direction of the building, each row of rafts is directly related to the name of the building. It is shaped like a yellow crane and has wings to fly. The majestic whole building is not too delicate, rich in changing charm and beauty.







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