Wushi leaders held a discussion with Lumoxue, president of the British-Chinese Trade Association

 On the 26th, Zhou Xianwang, mayor of Wuhan, held a discussion with Lu Mexue, president of the British-Chinese Trade Association.


Zhou Xianwang expressed his sincere welcome to Lumoxue and his delegation in Wuhan.
He said that Wuhan is a central city in central China and an important industrial base, science and education base and comprehensive transportation hub in the country. At present, it is speeding up the construction of five industrial bases: memory, aerospace industry, network security talents and innovation, new energy and intelligent network automobile, and big health.
It is eager to attract more British enterprises to invest in Wuhan through the British-Chinese Trade Association, strengthen cooperation with Wuhan in various fields, especially in the field of large health industries, and promote Sino-British economic cooperation through practical actions.
Lu Mexue said that he hoped to promote more projects to settle in Wuhan in the future and push bilateral cooperation to a new height.

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