Indian Embassy in China and his delegation visited Wuhan

 On May 28, Minister Wei Shengxian of the Indian Embassy in China and his delegation visited Wuhan to lead representatives and entrepreneurs of the Indian Software Association to participate in the Sino-Indian Enterprise Forum and to exchange with relevant parties in Wuhan in order to promote deeper cooperation. On the afternoon of the 28th, Hu Yabo, Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Committee, met with Wei Shengxian and his delegation.


At the Sino-Indian Enterprise Forum, Wuhan organized more than 80 enterprises with information service needs to participate in the forum. The head of the Indian Software Association spoke on the spot with a number of Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs. He also listened to the head of the Municipal Economic and Credit Bureau to introduce Wuhan's industrial and economic development, IT market, key industries and enterprises. He also exchanged on-site questions and answers with relevant parties in Wuhan and received cooperation intentions. 。
In April this year, in commemoration of the first anniversary of the "Xi Mo Fair", Indian Ambassador to China, Mr. Tang Yongsheng, led a delegation to hold a series of exchange activities in Wuhan, such as the "India-Wuhan Culture Week", "India-Hubei (Wuhan) Business Seminar" and "India-Wuhan Tourism Round Table", which achieved great success.
During the meeting, Hu Yabo said that in recent years, the cooperation between Wuhan and India in software is deepening. At present, Wuhan is accelerating its development. He believed that there are many investment opportunities for Indian enterprises in Wuhan. It is hoped that Indian entrepreneurs will promote Wuhan more, attract more Indian entrepreneurs to Wuhan with their successful investment experience in Wuhan, and make solid progress in building the "information technology corridor between China and India" through exchanges and cooperation among enterprises.

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