Wuhan rice landed in Dubai successfully

 Wuhan "Seawater Rice" has made great breakthroughs in the harsh desert environment of Dubai: According to an expert group composed of 7 academicians such as Xie Huaan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the net grain yield of the "Seawater Rice" has exceeded the world average rice yield per mu by more than twice, thus setting a new record for rice cultivation in the Dubai desert.
"Seawater rice" is a salt-tolerant wild rice found in the coastal beaches of the South China Sea. Unlike ordinary rice, it can grow on saline-alkali land.

In Dubai, only rice with high salinity and alkalinity tolerance can be planted, such as "seawater rice". In June-July, the surface temperature can reach above 54 degrees C, the maximum difference between day and night can reach above 30 degrees C, and 7-8 meters underground desert is salt water with salinity as high as 1.6%.

Wuhan Haidao International Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has set up an expert group with rich rice cultivation experience, selected "Haidao 86" and a series of varieties with independent intellectual property rights, pioneered the use of dry transplanting and direct seeding, scientific management of fertilizer and water, management and control of growth process, and finally achieved success. Work.

In November 2018, the expert team of the project team formally entered the project base in the hinterland of Dubai Desert. On June 6, 2019, an expert group composed of seven members, such as Xie Huaan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, took random sampling and harvesting weighing methods to measure the yield of sea-water rice varieties tested in the project area. The net yield of harvested grain reached 9.437 tons/ha.

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