Wuhan holds cross-border e-commerce policy promotion and training meeting

 On September 9, 2019, Wuhan held a cross-border e-commerce policy promotion and training meeting. Relevant comrades from Wuhan Business Bureau, Wuhan Customs, Wuhan Tax Bureau, Hubei Branch of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Hubei Electronic Port Center, Business Bureau of each district (development zone) and more than 300 related cross-border e-commerce enterprises participated in the training meeting.

At the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce interpreted in detail the support policies for cross-border e-commerce; the responsible comrades of Wuhan Customs, Municipal Tax Bureau and SAFE explained in detail the relevant procedures, policies and regulations for developing cross-border e-commerce business, and guided the standardized development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises; and the provincial E-port center introduced China (Hubei) country. The framework and functions of the "single window" cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform for international trade, one-stop solution to the problems of enterprise customs clearance, etc. At the same time, Wuhan Post Corporation, Donghu Comprehensive Protection Zone Joint Development Company, Alibaba International Station, Amazon, Jinyu Company and Chutian Tongchuang conducted business introductions and training from the perspectives of cross-border e-commerce development prospects, logistics, platform construction, marketing model and talent cultivation.

Enterprises participating in the training said that through this training, not only did they have a deep understanding of the supporting policies, customs supervision policies, customs duties and foreign exchange management policies of cross-border e-commerce, but also a systematic understanding of the operation mode of cross-border e-commerce, which not only talked about practical problems, but also solved them, creating a good environment for the follow-up development of enterprises. Environment.

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