Kyrgyzstan holds a trade and Investment Environment Seminar in Wuhan

 Kyrgyzstan held a trade and investment environment briefing in Wuhan on November 11th. A total of 16 major projects involving agriculture, power engineering, cement building materials, information and communication were introduced to Hubei enterprises. Kyrgyzstan's Ambassador to China, Barkt Gulova, explained the country's investment and trade policy in detail at the promotion meeting, and said: "Hubei enterprises are welcome to invest in Kyrgyzstan.

Sixteen major projects include Lebedinov Modern Hydropower Station, Basalt Fiber Plant, Cement Plant, Building Material Plant, Apiculture Plant, Plantation, Fishing Ground and National Electronic Transportation Fee System, among which 9 are agricultural projects. Kyrgyzstan introduced in detail the payback period and return rate of each project.

Kyrgyzstan was one of the first countries to support and actively participate in the "one belt and one road" development. Over the past five years, the economic and trade cooperation between Hubei Province and the country has been continuously strengthened, with the total import and export volume increasing from $2.58 million in 2013 to $806 million in 2018.

Hubei has also given full play to the advantages of science and education resources and actively undertook the Ministry of Commerce's cooperation projects in human resources development with foreign countries. In the past two years, 17 Kyrgyzstan Department officials have been trained.

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