Cultural and Tourism Promotion Activities Held in India in Hubei Province

 From September 13 to 14, the "Promotion and Promotion of Chinese Cultural Tourism" co-sponsored by the Tourism Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in New Delhi and the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism was held in New Delhi, India.

Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to India, Zhang Jianxin, Cultural and Educational Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in India, Tian Xin, Director of the Tourism Office in New Delhi, Vinod Zutehi, former Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Tourism, Ashwani, Chairman of the Northern Branch of the Indian Travel Association, and representatives of Indian travel agencies participated in the first presentation. New Delhi Tourism Office, Hubei Culture and Tourism Department, Huanggang Cultural and Tourism Bureau and other units conducted on-site tourism promotion. The Culture and Tourism Department of Hubei Province focuses on introducing the tourism scenery and Jingchu culture of Hubei Province, which is known as "the province of thousands of lakes". Huanggang City Culture and Tourism Bureau has introduced Huanggang, the hometown of Chinese historical celebrities, and expects friends from all walks of life in India to visit Huanggang, invest in and start businesses, and strengthen tourism cooperation between the two places.

At the promotion meeting, the representative of Hubei tourism enterprises, Zhongnan International Travel Agency and the head of Hubei Royal Yangtze River Travel Ship Co., Ltd., introduced the tourism projects with distinctive features in Hubei Province and major cities, and comprehensively displayed the unique new image of Jingchu Wen Travel.

On the afternoon of September 14, the first public publicity campaign was held in Taigu Square, New Delhi. The Hubei exhibition delegation showed the interactive experience of Chinese Wushu Huangmei Yuejiaquan, Yingshan tea art and moxibustion, and a large number of Indian citizens stopped to watch. During the event, representatives of Hubei enterprises also held talks with the Indian-Chinese Cultural and Art Exchange Association to reach the intention of cooperation between the two languages.

The promotion and exchange activities will last a week and will be held in Bangalore and other places.

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