Leading Dubai enterprises settle first in Wuhan Yangtze River

 At 10:50 on December 22, in the business living room of the administrative approval Bureau of Jiang'an District, Wuhan, Khaled, Prince of Abu Dhabi, obtained the business license of binzayed Wuhan Development Co., Ltd. At this time, only 30 minutes have passed since he submitted the company's registration materials. Prince Khaled, who felt that he was so quick and efficient, praised the business environment in Wuhan.

Prince Khaled is chairman of the board of directors of bin Zayed group, a leading local company in Dubai, which has many multinational enterprises. Binzayed Wuhan Development Co., Ltd. established this time is registered in Yangtze new town, the first foreign-invested enterprise in Yangtze new town, with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan.

According to the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by binzayed Group Asia Investment Co., Ltd. and Changjiang New Town Management Committee, the two sides will jointly promote the construction of "Asia Pacific economic leaders global headquarters building", international financial hub, future science city and other projects in Changjiang new town, and specifically layout the financial headquarters, financial technology, life technology, energy technology, blockchain and other industries.

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