Tian Hua Lin


Tian Hua Lin is located in the northeast corner of Laowuchang. It is located between the northern foot of the garden hill and the south of the crab pot (also known as Chengshan) in the city wall.

In the history, Yu Hualin refers to the east section connected to the export of Goba. In 1946, the local authorities of Wuchang merged Zhengwei Street and Youjiaxiang, which are west of the Gojiaying Export, into the Huanlin Forest. The name of the street has been inherited ever since.

Now Hualin Street starts from Zhongshan Road in the east and reaches Desheng Bridge in the west. It is 1,200 meters long. It is an old street gradually formed after the expansion of Wuchang City in the 4th year of Ming Hongwu (1371).

The historical buildings of Yuhualin, the best preserved and most intact are modern buildings. Modern Chinese traditional architecture, Western-style architecture, and Chinese-Western architecture have formed the overall architectural style of Yuhualin, showing the blending characteristics of China and the West, so that the cultural exchanges between China and the West are fully reflected in the architecture.






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Takami Room Amusement Hall


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